We’ll come to you!  The Education Law Group at Lear & Lear, all former educators, is uniquely qualified to provide training on a host of legal topics.  Each taught in public schools for several years and each is adept at working with a “class”, large or small, old or young, to deliver content in a meaningful and engaging way.

Below is a list of some of training the L&L Education Law Group can provide to your school district or charter school:

  • Sexual harassment for employees
  • Basic ethics for educators
  • Wrap-up summary of each legislative session
  • Investigating techniques for HR Directors and school administrators
  • Bullying, harassment, cyber-bullying, and hazing laws for students and staff
  • FERPA training for counselors, administrators, and staff
  • Constitutional issues in schools for administrators and/or staff (including First Amendment rights, Search and Seizure principles, and 5th Amendment issues in investigations)
  • Civil Rights Training, including Title IX, Title VI, Title VII and Section 504

If interested in any of the above training, adaptable for any number of audience members and any amount of time, please contact us at (801) 881-8000, or email any of us at;; or


training image

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