Bill Tracking


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2020 Bill Tracking


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Please leave any thoughts, suggestions, comments, questions about the 2016 legislation in the Reply section below, including comments regarding the accuracy of this information.  We update daily but may at times miss something.  Please let us know if we need to correct mistakes or add information we missed.  Thank you!

Disclaimer:  The information contained herein and in the attached Tracking Sheet is not legal advice and should not be relied upon as legal advice.  The materials provided on this site are for information purposes only. These materials constitute general information relating to the lawyers in the Education Law Practice at Lear & Lear and information on the 2015 Legislative Session. They do NOT constitute legal advice or other professional advice and you may not rely on the contents of this website as such.  If you require legal advice, you should retain competent legal counsel to advise you. If you would like to retain Lear & Lear,  please contact one of our lawyers, who will be pleased to discuss whether our firm can assist you. An attorney-client relationship will arise between you and our firm only if we specifically agree to act for you. Until we specifically agree to act for you on a matter, you should not provide us with any confidential information or material.


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