March 4 Agenda

House Education Committee, 8:00 a.m., 30 House Bldg.

1. HB0360 Utah Education Amendments (L. Christensen)
2. HB0337 Career and Technical Education Comprehensive Study (R. Cunningham)
3. HB0392 Requirements for Career and Technical Education Teachers (B. Daw)
4. HB0403 Online Education Survey Program Amendments (S. Eliason)
5. SB0114 Board of Education Compensation Amendments (A. Osmond)
6. SB0117 Interventions for Reading Difficulties Pilot Program (A. Osmond)
7. SB0196S01 Math Competency Initiative (A. Millner)
8. SB0106 Class Size Reduction Program Amendments (W. Harper)

House Health and Human Services Committee, 8:00 a.m., 20 House Bldg.

2. SB0147 Epinephrine Auto-injector Use Expansion (M. Dayton)

Senate Judiciary, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Justice Committee, 8:00 a.m., 250 State Captiol

1. SB0276 Firearm Safety and Violence Prevention in Public Schools (T. Weiler)

Senate Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee, 4:00 p.m. 215 Senate Bldg.

1. HB0282S01 Online Education Program Amendments (B. Daw)
3. HB0346 School Building Costs Reporting Amendments (J. Knotwell)

Senate Government Operations and Political Subdivisions Committee, 4:12 p.m., 415 State Capitol

1. HB0242 State and Local Government Employee Policies (J. Miller)

2. HB0251S01 Amendments to the Interlocal Act (Johnny Anderson)

Updated Bills and Bill Status

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