Feb. 24 Agenda

Senate Education Committee, 8:00, 210 Senate Bldg.

1. SB0204 Parental Rights in Public Education Amendments (A. Osmond)
2. SB0219S01 World Language Proficiency Recognition (H. Stephenson)
3. SB0222 Digital Teaching and Learning Program (H. Stephenson)
4. HB0119 Charter School Finance Amendments (B. Last)

House Government Operations Committee, 8:00, 30 House Bldg.

2. HB0291 Procurement Changes (K. Stratton)
4. SB0168 Civic Center Amendments (C. Bramble)
5. HB0306 Fees for Government Records Requests (Brian S. King)

House Political Subdivisions Committee, 8:00, 450 State Capitol

2. SB0112 Public Reporting Requirements (W. Harper)

House Revenue and Taxation Committee, 8:30, 445 State Capitol

2. HJR017 Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution — Limit on Federal Funds (R. Spendlove)
3. HB0328 Tax Changes (D. McCay)
4. SB0062 Certified Tax Rates Amendments (W. Harper)
5. SB0078 School District Property Tax Amendments (H. Stephenson)

House Education Committee, 4:10, 30 House Bldg.

1. HB0331 Professional Learning Grant Program (B. Last)
2. HB0263 State School Board Powers Modifications (N. Thurston)
3. HB0345 Abuse Policy for Educators (D. McCay)
4. HB0346 School Building Costs Reporting Amendments (J. Knotwell)
5. HB0349 School and Institutional Trust Lands Budget Amendments (M. Brown)
6. SB0033S01 Public School Graduation Amendments (A. Osmond)

Updated Bills and Bill Status To Be Posted Soon…

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