Feb. 13 Agenda

House Retirement and Independent Entities Standing Committee, 7:15, 20 House Bldg.

1. HB0208 School District Postemployment Health Insurance Benefits (S. Eliason)
2. SB0011 Utah Retirement Systems Revisions (T. Weiler)

House Judiciary Standing Committee, 3:40, 20 House Bldg.

1. HB0183 Uniform Powers of Appointment Act (V. L. Snow)
2. HB0105 Antidiscrimination Modifications (J. Miller)
3. HCR002 Concurrent Resolution Designating Religious Freedom Day (Brian S. King)
4. HB0109 Expungement of Administrative Action (B. Greene)
5. HB0143 Prohibition on Tattooing of Minors (L. Christensen)
6. HB0277 Statute of Limitations for Civil Actions (K. Ivory)

Updated Bills and Bill Status

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