Re-Cap on House Education Committee

House Education Committee met yesterday and got to only 3 of the 5 bills on the agenda.

A quick summary: The goods news for English teachers is, they may have supplemental online tools to help in their instruction and no further testing is required; the bad news for the State Board is, it is going to have to report to the Education Interim Committee how the tool is being used to supplement and enhance English classes and must ensure that their report “includes student learning gains on statewide achievement tests as a result of using the tool.”  Good luck State Board of Education. (See Rep. Moss’ HB69, Sub.1, which passed out of Committee unanimously.)

Rep. Hall’s HB81, which was twice substituted, provides that local boards CAN meet outside their geographical boundaries for “site visits” but only if there is no similar “site” within the boundaries, the site visit is necessary to carry out board responsibilities and no vote is taken.  Oh, and the bill only applies to school district boards, not charter boards.

HB 93 School District Amendments, which would have set new parameters on the means by which municipal entities could break off of existing school districts, failed. Too many concerns that provisions in the bill would restrict local community ability to impact local district governance or enable municipalities to form their own districts.

The other two bills on the agenda, HB 54 – Public Education Increased Funding Program and HB 67 – Grants for Digital Learning were not presented.

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